The Parli Debate Prep Book is a modern, community-driven textbook organized and edited by Kyle Dennis, Director of Debate at William Jewell College. The project, somewhat explicitly, avoids masquerading as a formal argumentation primer; it is a textbook used in preparation for and competition in modern NPDA-NPTE style parliamentary debate.

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The Prepbook will help you and your students.

Access the tools they need to begin, enjoy, and succeed in debating.

Improve understanding and use of advanced debate and argument concepts.

Make stronger and more strategic arguments.

Improve argumentation with examples of flowing, cases, and effective debate arguments.

Increase understanding of how to argue critique and project arguments.

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What is in the Prepbook?

The text is divided into two parts. “Part 1: An Introduction to Parliamentary Debate,” authored by Kyle Dennis, provides a primer on modern parliamentary debate that includes: what to expect at tournaments, speaker duties, flowing, types of arguments, argument construction, and general tips for success.

“Part 2: Specific Issues in Parliamentary Debate,” consists of 215 pages authored by various successful participants and coaches in collegiate, NPTE/NPDA-style parliamentary debate. All authors have sought to meet developing debaters where they are—to provide a developmental tool for coaches and debaters alike. Authors acquaint readers with the concepts and structures of contemporary parliamentary debate, the intricacies that make parliamentary debate unique, and provide in-depth chapters on topics such as counterplans, projects, and permutations selected by the editor and contributors.

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All proceeds benefit the National Parliamentary Tournament of Excellence. Revenue will establish new awards for community colleges and first-year students and (as available) be used to offset national tournament entry costs for student-run or underfunded programs demonstrating financial hardship.

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