Table of Contents

Article I: The Organization

This organization shall be known as the National Parliamentary Tournament of Excellence or NPTE.

Article II: Purpose of the Organization

The purpose of the National Parliamentary Tournament of Excellence is to provide an opportunity for the finest parliamentary debate teams from a variety of schools to participate in an annual championship parliamentary debate tournament.

Article III: Board of Trustees

Section 1. The Board of Trustees

  1. The Board of Trustees shall be comprised of a President, Vice-President, Treasurer-Secretary, and two At-Large Members.
  2. Board member terms are 5 years. Board members may seek reelection at the end of their term.
  3. A scheduled vacancy on the Board shall be filled by a vote of the NPTE member institutions on all nominated candidates. A scheduled vacancy occurs at the end of a Board member’s 5 year term.
  4. Each member institution shall vote once. Voting member institutions shall rank all candidates 1 (first), 2 (second), 3 (third), etc. for calculation of votes through a weighted voting method. The candidate with the lowest cumulative rank shall be elected to the Board.
  5. An unscheduled vacancy on the Board (resignation, removal, etc.) shall be filled by temporary Board appointment until the next regular election, and then in the next regular election.
  6. Temporary appointments shall occur by Board members nominating candidates and then Board members voting, using weighted voting as described in D.
  7. If an unscheduled vacancy is to be replaced by election, the candidate with the second lowest cumulative rank shall be elected to serve the remainder of the term. If there are is more than 1 unscheduled vacancy, the same method shall be used with the candidate with the second lowest cumulative rank serving the longest remaining term, etc.
  8. Board members may be removed at any time by the majority vote of other Board members.
  9. In all cases noted in the NPTE documents, a majority vote shall be constituted by the majority (more than 50%) of those voting with at least 50% of all current board members voting.
  10. The President shall assure at least one week for each vote unless the situation requires immediate action.
  11. All Board members must be individuals, be at least in their second year out of competition, be affiliated with a NPTE member institution, and hold a conferred undergraduate degree.
  12. At the time of election, no two Board members may be sponsored by the same school.
  13. Board members shall be reimbursed for travel costs for working at the NPTE.
    1. As much as is possible, Board members should seek reimbursement from their school and other sources rather than the NPTE.
    2. Board members should seek the lowest priced but also safe and appropriate travel venues.
    3. Receipted hotel, food, mileage at federal rates, rental car, and plane tickets shall be reimbursed up to $600.
    4. The NPTE President shall ask board members if they will be asking for such reimbursement and for how much when setting the tournament fees.
  14. The goal of the board is to serve the purposes, bylaws and rules of the NPTE, the NPTE membership, and the debate community.

Section 2. Duties of the President

  1. Manage business meetings of the NPTE including
    1. seeking input from the community and membership on bylaw or rule changes, tournament venue selection and dates.
    2. providing community and membership input to the board members for their consideration prior to voting.
    3. giving full opportunity for the board members to express their views and to vote their preferences on issues confronting the NPTE.
    4. conducting and tabulating all votes in accordance with these bylaws including those involving membership vetoes.
    5. posting the results of votes and decisions by the board with the board’s rationales for the debate community and NPTE members to view.
  2. Conduct and tabulate all votes in accordance with these bylaws.
  3. Appoint a Ranking Director, Tournament Director, Tabulation Director, and Topic Committee Director for the yearly National Parliamentary Tournament of Excellence. Appointments shall be made in consultation with the rest of the Board. Board members are eligible for these appointments.
  4. Serve as representative of the National Parliamentary Tournament of Excellence at meetings of other organizations.
  5. Establish tournament and membership fees with the approval of the Board including a vote as necessary. If possible, this should occur as soon as possible in the Fall semester and definitely by December 15.

Section 3. Duties of the Vice President

  1. Function as President when the President is recused, constrained, or unavailable.
  2. Perform duties as assigned by the President.
  3. Provide services assisting the President and/or Vice-President as determined by the Board of Trustees.

Section 4. Duties of The Treasurer-Secretary

  1. Handle Non-Profit and Incorporation Documents.
  2. Handle Banking Matters.
  3. Provide Budget Reports to the Board.
  4. Maintain and operate online forum and/or mailing list as meeting place for Board discussions and votes. Add subscribed members to the mailing list as required by these bylaws and instructed by the Board of Trustees.
  5. Publish a current copy of the bylaws and rules on the NPTE web site.
  6. Issue invitations for the annual National Parliamentary Tournament of Excellence in accordance with the NPTE qualification and eligibility process. Monitor bid acceptance and report results to Board members.
  7. Compensate the judges we hire for the NPTE at the rate set by the President in consultation with the board.

Section 5. Duties of At-Large Members

  1. Serve as voting members of Board of Trustees.
  2. Provide services assisting the President and/or Vice-President as determined by the Board of Trustees.

Article IV: NPTE Membership

Section 1: Determining Membership

  1. An institution shall be considered eligible for NPTE membership if that institution has had a team compete at the NPTE at least once in the last three years or has qualified for and wishes to attend the current year’s NPTE (and then does attend).
  2. Each institution shall pay a fee set by the President to establish their membership for the year. This fee shall be paid in full at registration at the NPTE in order to receive the benefits of membership; exceptions only with the President's permission.
  3. Membership should seek to serve the purposes, bylaws and rules of the NPTE and the debate community as well as to provide constructive input for the Board.
  4. Membership provisions shall commence with the 2009 NPTE.

Section 2: Records

  1. The President shall be responsible for maintaining membership records including official email addresses for each school.
  2. Membership shall be determined at registration for the NPTE and will be valid until the following year's tournament registration.
  3. These records will be updated annually at the NPTE by the President and verified by the Treasurer-Secretary.
  4. The President shall notify, via email, the roster of member institutions of their membership status at the completion of the first day of competition of the NPTE.

Section 3: Voting

  1. Member institutions attain the privilege to vote on vetoes to overturn board decisions.
  2. Each member institution will receive one (1) vote.
  3. All votes submitted by the membership must be sent from the email address shown as the address of record on the membership roster.

Article V: NPTE Discussion Board

Section 1. Private Discussion Board

The NPTE Board of Trustees will establish and maintain a private discussion board for the purpose of conducting Board business. Only Board members should have access to discussions occurring in the private discussion board. These discussions should not be shared with those not on the NPTE Board except as described in Section 2.

Section 2. Public Discussion Board

The NPTE Board of Trustees will establish and maintain a public discussion board subject to the following rules:

  1. Before creating a thread in the public discussion board, the Board will vote in the private discussion board to authorize a public discussion on an issue(s). A simple majority (4-3) is required to move the discussion to the public discussion board.
  2. All original posts in the public discussion board should be initiated by the NPTE President and should set the parameters for the discussion. Public threads may focus on discussion or include polls for formal votes.
  3. Only Board members will be able to post in the public discussion board, but discussions will be publicly viewable.

Section 3. Moderation

The Secretary-Treasurer will serve as moderator for all discussion boards and may, in consultation with the Board, edit/delete comments as necessary.

Section 4. Board Participation

Board members should regularly participate in board discussions, while maintaining the highest levels of professionalism and refraining from making posts that could threaten the NPTE’s 501c3 status.

Article VI: Amendment and Maintenance of Bylaws and Rules

Section 1. Amendment Timelines

If needed, the Bylaws and Rules should be amended during the two to three months following the NPTE. Changes after that should be avoided especially ones made after the beginning of the competitive season unless the change does not alter travel decisions or change tournament procedure during the tournament.

Section 2. Board Right to Clarify

As always, the Board has the right to clarify and interpret the Bylaws and Rules.

Section 3. Amendment Majority Vote

The Bylaws and Rules may be amended by a majority vote of the Board of Trustees.

Section 4. Member Vetoes

Bylaw and Rule changes may be vetoed by a 2/3 vote of all member institutions (not a 2/3 vote of voting institutions).

  1. Such a vote may be called for when 3 or more member institutions request a vote.
  2. Procedure
    1. The member institutions notify the President of the Board of Trustees of a desire to veto a bylaw or rule change. The call to veto a bylaw or rule change must be initiated within 1 week of the official announcement of the bylaw or rule change.
    2. The President sends an email notification to the member institution addresses on record regarding the call for the veto.
  3. Votes must be received by the President within 1 week of the email notification.
  4. The votes are tabulated by the President and verified by at least one additional board member.
  5. The Board may override the veto with at least 50% of all board members voting support and with no more than 1 dissenting vote.
  6. Veto requests from members may occur only once on a bylaw or rule change. If a bylaw or rule change is further altered by the board, members may request an additional veto.